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AeroVision 6

Next Generation Falconry Experience

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Marshall GOS System
Marshall GPS System

Most Advanced GPS Tracking System

  • The Marshall GPS System is the fastest and safest way to track and recover your Bird. No longer are you left guessing when your raptor is out of sight.
  • The system consists of three main components. The RT GPS Transmitter
  • the PocketLink Data Receiver and the AeroVision App.
  • This App allows you to track a flight in real-time giving you live tracks and telematic data about altitude distance location and speed on your iOS based device. Flights can be recorded to later replay or share with friends. AeroVision is the completely new and game changing tool for training or recovery of raptors.

All New AeroVision 6

AeroVision 6 is the latest Mapping app for Marshall Radio’s PocketLink / Turbo-GPS System. Allowing simultaneous tracking of up to 5 remote tags, live and in real-time. Tracks and metrics are also saved for future review and replay.


Premium Users get additional features and integrations with the Apple Universe. CarPlay – for the absolute best tracking experience from your vehicle. Apple Watch – for hands free tracking. 3D Flight Replay, and Offline Satellite Maps.

What's New

All New Friendly Interface

New yet familiar interface with more powerful features

3D Flight Prevew

Your flights can now be re-lived with realistic 3D replay

Metrics on your Apple Watch

Preferred metrics can now be streamed to your Apple Watch

Enhanced Performance

Smoother rendering and responsive controls for higher demands tracking

Larger Offline Maps

Ability to download larger areas or country specific maps for offline use.

CarPlay enabled

The only falcon tracking app that works on CarPlay

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AeroVision on CarPlay

More Faster, More Powerful App

Frequently Asked Questions

How many transmitters can I use with the Marshall GPS System

Marshall GPS System supports up to 5 transmitters

I just started AeroVision but I cannot see my PocketLink

Make sure Bluetooth in your device is ON.

My Pocketlink is paired however I cannot see my transmitter on the app

If your transmitter is switched on but you are unable to receive GPS data on your app it means that your transmitter and Pocketlink are not in the same frequency. To pair your transmitter with the Pocketlink, go to: AeroVision Menu, Pairing, Select a frequency and start the pairing process.

I lost my bird and it is out of range, how can I retrieve it?

Your transmitter will still be sending beeping signals via the beeping frequency. You can tune in the beeping frequency on your Marshall Receiver. The beeping frequency of your transmitter can be found by expanding the transmitter flip-up page on the app's home screen.

What are the features in the premuim edition of AeroVision?

AeroVision's premium features include: high resolution offline maps, access to country maps bundle and flight replay in high definition 3D

What is the broadcast feature ?

Broadcast allows you to share your live flight with friends using AeroVision. They can view metrics and your bird's flight path as if they are there with you.

Do I need cellular data service to use AeroVision and track my bird ?

No you do not need any sort of internet. Marshall GPS system uses UHF radio frequencies to obtain your bird's location.

What mobile devices do you support ?

AeroVision currently works on iOS platform only.

Can I try the premium feature?

You can enjoy premium features for 3 days.

AeroVision Speaks Your Language

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The fastest and safest way to track and recover your Bird

Marshall Radio Telemetry designs and supplies premium GPS long-range tracking and recovery equipment to hunters and competitors around the world. Choose Marshall falconry transmitters, dog tracking collars and direction finding receivers and you’ll have the most carefully engineered and reliable tracking system available.

Looking For Support?

Our engineers would love to hear from you. Please write us or join our AeroVision Support Group on Facebook